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IIM Lucknow Alumni Committee

The new cohorts, PGP 36th and ABM 17th Batch of IIM Lucknow, had an interactive session with our distinguished alumnus Abhishek Ganguly (PGP 2000-02), Managing Director, PUMA India & Southeast Asia. 450+participants attended the session as part of the induction programme.

Abhishek shared his perspective on the importance of always being in the learning mode, breaking stereotypes and setting your own ground rules for success. His passion for sports and fitness was truly inspiring for the students.

On behalf of the student community, Prof Ajay K Garg (PGP Chair) and Dr. Ashwani Kumar (Alumni Affairs Chair) thanked Mr. Abhishek Ganguly for sharing lessons from his inspiring journey and asked the students (in Abhishek‘s words) to “Be Yourself and Write your Own Story!"

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