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IIML Batch 2021-Sandip Mondal

"CrEaTiViTy is intelligence having fun"- Albert Einstein

While I was growing up in a boarding school in West Bengal, I and my friends developed a hobby of collecting postage stamps. We would exchange stamps with each other, much like how people used to exchange Pokémon cards in those days. One of my friends had a very rare postage stamp which I yearned to add to my collection. I remember creating a counterfeit stamp with some paper, a blade and an eraser to trick him into giving me his stamp. I covered the stamp with glue to impose an illusion of lamination and rubbed it against a rough surface to give it a slightly old and authentic look. I was able to replicate it enough to resemble the original. I guess, this little mischief added fuel to my creative appetite. One of my prized creations is a chess set that I had created entirely out of the chalk. I carved the chalk sticks out with a compass until I had all the 32 pieces of the set. Little did I know that this skill would come handy when I visit Susunia Hills in vacations and offer to work with marble workers to create miniature marble statues. I remember having a personal diary when I was young. Just like any teenager I did not wish to divulge my secrets to the rest of the world. That acted as an inspiration for me to create my own alphabet. My diary was illegible to everyone but me. I guess my interest in calligraphy and microcalligraphy took roots back in those days. While in college, I remember making Rangolis in my Hostel block around Diwali. I used to keep the room airtight shut to prevent any insects from crawling inside. I liked to infuse themes in my Rangoli designs - some time it would be religion, at others - history or art. I would often lose track of time as I sprinkled dry colours in shapes which slowly turned into meaningful patterns. Over time, I have tried my hands at different arts like thermocol modelling, sand art, calligraphy, origami, jafri, silhouette and doodling. Recently, I started exploring digital art and photoshop. Whether shaped by hands or typed by fingers - art is art. Computers give me a powerful tool to bring my imagination to life. I believe that art gives one the power of creation. It transports the mind from the material world to the spiritual world. Probably that’s why I always find art endearing. In a way, my art completes me and gives more meaning to my existence.

~ Sandip Mondal, IIM-L Batch of 2021

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