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JUSTINE PROST:- Exchange Student

I have two aunts. One is a French language teacher who has been living in India for fifteen years and the other is a Yoga teacher who comes here every year. It is through them that I heard about India and the amazing culture here. I decided to come to experience it firsthand. Coming to IIM Lucknow, I didn’t know I would be the only exchange student. It was a bit strange at first because my English wasn’t good and it took a while to understand the accent. Also, the heat took some adjusting to. I used to think how my friends back home would be enjoying their summer holidays and partying, while I was attending classes. However, the people here are very sweet and helped me adjust really well. It could have been a nightmare, feeling trapped here but it actually became an unforgettable experience. I witnessed monsoon as a season for the first time in campus. It rains so much and all that water pouring down all the time feels both amazing and terrifying. At night time, I have seen snakes and huge lizards slithering around. At first, I was taken aback but they are a part of life here. Another such thing is the insti parties. I thoroughly enjoy them. The nightlife in the city is not too great but these parties, with people dancing and partying all night long, remind me of my party weekends back at home. I only wish there could be more of them. I’ve got mixed feelings about leaving. Last year, I was so excited, preparing for my India trip and thinking about all the different things I would do. Now it is over already. While, I am happy I will be meeting my friends and family, I don’t think I’m ready to say goodbye to this place yet. But I know when I leave, I’ll have so many memories, I won’t be able to pinpoint what I miss the most.

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